Patrick Halgren

Patrick Halgren

Patrick grew up skiing with his identical twin brother Sven at Mount Snow in southern Vermont.  After years of skiing together...Patrick stopped skiing, preferring football and lacrosse while Sven went on to become an avalanche worker and a volunteer for an adaptive ski program.

Three years ago, Patrick lost his leg in a motorcycle crash and his Brother Sven encouraged him to try skiing again.  He gave it a go though and it turned out to be "pretty cool". He found that while he was still learning to live with one leg, he had no fear on the snow.

Sadly Sven lost his life in a motorcycle accident last year.  Now Patrick is aiming to get to the Paralympics to do his brother proud.  Patrick is dedicated to his training in both Alpine Racing and Freestyle.

Patrick's goal is to be the fastest man with one leg and win gold at Paralympics 2022. 

Quote: "There's no pizza, you just have to jump into making actual turns,"